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Graphic Arts and Design
Graphic Arts and Design

Why study graphic arts and design at Benedictine?

The Graphic Arts and Design program offers a practical, career-oriented degree for students who are artistically and creatively inclined. A degree in Graphic Arts and Design from Benedictine positions students for success in a wide range of lucrative careers within the creative field.

What does a degree in Graphic Arts and Design from Benedictine offer?

Students who major in Graphic Arts and Design at Benedictine University at Mesa receive exceptional training in four areas:

Technology: Today’s graphic design industry relies heavily on computer imaging. As such, our students receive extensive training in industry standard imaging, design and animation software that will give them the edge they need to succeed in the job market.

Fine Art: Though the use of technology is ubiquitous in the design industry, the best software is useless unless the artist/designer using it has a well-trained artistic eye. To this end, Benedictine trains each Graphic Arts and Design student in the traditional arts of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

Communications: Graphic design is a growing field that spans multiple disciplines. To prepare a graduate who is competent in many facets of the design industry, Benedictine trains students in a broad range of communications skills including typography, layout for print and digital media, writing and editing, and new media.

Liberal Arts: Through its signature liberal arts curriculum, Benedictine produces students who can think critically about their world, who have a broad, globally-oriented education that enables them to make informed and socially responsible decisions, and who can lead a life in balance. We believe that success in life requires us to succeed not just in our careers, but in our family, social, religious and political life as well. A Benedictine liberal arts education is truly unique in its mission to educate the whole person.

What careers are available with a degree in Graphic Arts and Design?

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Branding/logo design
  • Entertainment
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Print media
  • Product design
  • Web design

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